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C3 Pathways builds professional readiness for the future, today.

About Us

C3 Pathways builds professional readiness for the future, today.




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C3 Pathways is a unique emergency response training, exercise, and consulting organization with deep roots in public safety and technology. C3 Pathways blends real-world live action and the Imagineering of computer simulation to all levels of training for today’s law enforcement, fire, and EMS first responders -- integrated with 911, communications, hospitals, emergency management, and all public safety professionals.

Originally founded in 2004 as FutureFD, the Orlando-based company was expanded in 2012 and became C3 Pathways to bring a new scope of offerings to clients. Himself a retired fire chief and paramedic, CEO Bill Godfrey explains:

“We are preparing responders from all walks of life whose emergency response risks require planning, training, and exercises to be ready for whatever they may face. In addition to public safety and emergency management, our clients include transit and transportation providers, utilities, industry, health care, and academic institutions.”

“The only way to master major incident response is to practice. Sometimes live practice isn’t an option because of things like service disruption, publicity concerns, manpower, cost, operational security, or it’s just too dangerous. We can address all those challenges while still providing realistic, high-fidelity, repeatable practice.

C3 Pathways customizes its solutions to align with its client’s mission, objectives, and budget. Traditional classroom training, hands-on courses, simulation, and live-action blended with simulation are all available. Special solutions and consulting can focus on any aspect of public safety preparedness.

C3 Pathways makes responders better. Major emergency incidents require aptitudes, skills, planning, resources, collaboration, and practice.

Meet Our Team

C3 Pathways builds professional readiness for the future, today. Give us the opportunity to serve you!

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William "Bill" Godfrey William "Bill" Godfrey

William "Bill" Godfrey

CEO, Instructor Fire Chief (Ret.)
Aristides "Harry" Jimenez Aristides "Harry" Jimenez

Aristides "Harry" Jimenez

Instructor Deputy Chief
Ron Otterbacher Ron Otterbacher

Ron Otterbacher

Instructor Division Chief (Ret.)
Mark Rhame Mark Rhame

Mark Rhame

Instructor Fire Chief (Ret.)
Stephanie Boktor Stephanie Boktor

Stephanie Boktor

Production Specialist
Daniel Doherty Daniel Doherty

Daniel Doherty

Software Engineer
Abigail Godfrey Abigail Godfrey

Abigail Godfrey

Production Specialist
Ann Simmons Ann Simmons

Ann Simmons

Karla Torres Karla Torres

Karla Torres

Bussiness Coordinator
Yamilka Vallejo Yamilka Vallejo

Yamilka Vallejo

Software Developer
Steve T. Williams Steve T. Williams

Steve T. Williams

Strategic Development Chief (Ret.)
Dan Azzariti Dan Azzariti

Dan Azzariti

Instructor Fire Chief
Kevin Beary Kevin Beary

Kevin Beary

Instructor Sheriff (Ret.)
Tom Billington Tom Billington

Tom Billington

Instructor Fire Chief
Mike Bolender Mike Bolender

Mike Bolender

Instructor Captain
Coby Briehn Coby Briehn

Coby Briehn

Instructor Sergeant (Ret.)
Kevin Burd Kevin Burd

Kevin Burd

Instructor Lieutenant
Branden Clarkson Branden Clarkson

Branden Clarkson

Instructor Lieutenant
Michelle Cook Michelle Cook

Michelle Cook

Instructor Police Chief
Travis Cox Travis Cox

Travis Cox

Instructor Assistant Chief
Joe Ferrara Joe Ferrara

Joe Ferrara

Instructor Fire Chief (Ret.)
Jon Haskett Jon Haskett

Jon Haskett

Instructor Battalion Chief (Ret.)
Chris Hersey Chris Hersey

Chris Hersey

Instructor Special Agent
Steve Jones Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Instructor Sergeant
Pete Kelting Pete Kelting

Pete Kelting

Instructor Lieutenant
Robert Lee Robert Lee

Robert Lee

Instructor Battalion Chief (Ret.)
Kevin Nichols Kevin Nichols

Kevin Nichols

Instructor Captain
Adam Pendley Adam Pendley

Adam Pendley

Instructor Assistant Chief
Billy Perry Billy Perry

Billy Perry

Instructor Officer EOD (Ret.)
Bruce Scott Bruce Scott

Bruce Scott

Instructor Division Chief
Stephen Shaw Stephen Shaw

Stephen Shaw

Instructor Sergeant
Sam Shurley Sam Shurley

Sam Shurley

Instructor Lieutenant
Don Tuten Don Tuten

Don Tuten

Instructor Chief
Brian Vicente Brian Vicente

Brian Vicente

Instructor Assistant SAC
David C. Agan David C. Agan

David C. Agan

Instructor (Ret.) Battalion Chief (Ret.)
Judy Johnson Judy Johnson

Judy Johnson

Office Manager (Ret.)


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