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You deserve the best training possible.

About Us

You deserve the best training possible.




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About C3 Pathways

Most active shooter training focuses on tactics to stop the shooter. This leaves responders struggling to manage the scene and the clock trying to rescue victims before they bleed to death — a critical training gap.

C3 Pathways developed a response process that integrates Police, Fire, and EMS so the shooter is stopped quickly, and victims are rescued quickly, which results in saving more lives. C3 Pathways provides the process, curricula, and training so you can close the gap.

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Meet Our Team

You deserve the best training possible. All we're missing is you!

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  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Department
  • EMS
  • Office Staff
  • C3 Retirees
Kevin Burd Kevin Burd

Kevin Burd

Instructor Lieutenant (Ret.)
Travis Cox Travis Cox

Travis Cox

Director of Training (LE) Assistant Chief
Joseph "Joe" Ferrara Joseph "Joe" Ferrara

Joseph "Joe" Ferrara

Director of Training (FD/EMS) Fire Chief (Ret.)
William "Bill" Godfrey William "Bill" Godfrey

William "Bill" Godfrey

CEO Fire Chief (Ret.)
Mark Rhame Mark Rhame

Mark Rhame

Instructor Fire Chief (Ret.)
Betzy Frederick Betzy Frederick

Betzy Frederick

Abigail Godfrey Abigail Godfrey

Abigail Godfrey

Production Specialist
Ann Simmons Ann Simmons

Ann Simmons

Karla Torres Karla Torres

Karla Torres

Business Coordinator
Yamilka Vallejo Yamilka Vallejo

Yamilka Vallejo

Software Development Manager
Steven T. Williams Steven T. Williams

Steven T. Williams

Vice President Chief (Ret.)
Juan Atan Juan Atan

Juan Atan

Instructor Battalion Chief (Ret.)
Shawnesci Barber Shawnesci Barber

Shawnesci Barber

Instructor Sergeant
Tom Billington Tom Billington

Tom Billington

Instructor Fire Chief (Ret.)
Coby Briehn Coby Briehn

Coby Briehn

Instructor Sergeant (Ret.)
Johnnie Britt Johnnie Britt

Johnnie Britt

Instructor Captain
Branden Clarkson Branden Clarkson

Branden Clarkson

Instructor Captain
Jay Darin Jay Darin

Jay Darin

Instructor Special Agent
Eric Diaz Eric Diaz

Eric Diaz

Instructor Sergeant
Shawn Hall Shawn Hall

Shawn Hall

Instructor Lieutenant
Tony Hubbard Tony Hubbard

Tony Hubbard

Instructor Deputy SAC (Ret.)
Aristides "Harry" Jimenez Aristides "Harry" Jimenez

Aristides "Harry" Jimenez

Instructor Deputy Chief (Ret.)
Jason Kelley Jason Kelley

Jason Kelley

Instructor Lieutenant (Ret.)
Pete Kelting Pete Kelting

Pete Kelting

Instructor Lieutenant (Ret.)
Kenneth Lamb Kenneth Lamb

Kenneth Lamb

Instructor Lieutenant
Kami Maertz Kami Maertz

Kami Maertz

Instructor Lieutenant
Jill McElwee Jill McElwee

Jill McElwee

Instructor Division Chief (Ret.)
Leeanna Mims Leeanna Mims

Leeanna Mims

Instructor Fire Chief (Ret.)
Kevin Nichols Kevin Nichols

Kevin Nichols

Instructor Assistant Chief (Ret.)
Terry Nichols Terry Nichols

Terry Nichols

Instructor Police Chief (Ret.)
Ron Otterbacher Ron Otterbacher

Ron Otterbacher

Instructor Division Chief (Ret.)
Adam Pendley Adam Pendley

Adam Pendley

Instructor Assistant Chief (Ret.)
Billy Perry Billy Perry

Billy Perry

Instructor Detective, EOD (Ret.)
Bruce Scott Bruce Scott

Bruce Scott

Instructor Division Chief (Ret.)
James Sellers James Sellers

James Sellers

Instructor Captain
Stephen Shaw Stephen Shaw

Stephen Shaw

Instructor Sergeant
Joe Tedesco Joe Tedesco

Joe Tedesco

Instructor Training Officer
Donald "Don" Tuten Donald "Don" Tuten

Donald "Don" Tuten

Instructor Chief (Ret.)
Terrance Weems Terrance Weems

Terrance Weems

Instructor First Sergeant
Dan Williams Dan Williams

Dan Williams

Instructor Lieutenant
Russell "Russ" Woody Russell "Russ" Woody

Russell "Russ" Woody

Instructor Sergeant (Ret.)
David C. Agan David C. Agan

David C. Agan

Instructor (C3 Ret.) Battalion Chief (Ret.)
Kevin Beary Kevin Beary

Kevin Beary

Instructor (C3 Ret.) Sheriff (Ret.)
Judy Johnson Judy Johnson

Judy Johnson

Office Manager (C3 Ret.)
Robert Lee Robert Lee

Robert Lee

Instructor (C3 Ret.) Battalion Chief (Ret.)


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