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Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM) Basic is a 4-hour introductory course demonstrating the ASIM Checklist integrated response process to law enforcement, fire, and EMS responders. Instructors introduce key concepts of integration and engage responders in three (3) hands-on functional exercise scenarios, enabling response practice while improving comprehension and retention.

The course addresses:

  • The ASIM Checklist process
  • Staging
  • Tactical & Contact Teams
  • Casualty Collection Points
  • Triage & Rescue Task Forces (RTF)
  • Transport & Ambulance Exchange Points

ASIM Basic is delivered in a Train-the-Trainer format with all of the needed materials left behind, including PowerPoint files, Instructor and Participant manual PDF files, and two Counterstrike™ Basic kits.

The Train-the-Trainer delivery includes teach-backs for the new instructors so they may start teaching classes immediately.

  • Day ONE
    • Morning: 25 responders
      (includes the 10 instructor-trainees)
    • Afternoon: 10 instructor-trainees

  • Day TWO
    • Morning: Up to 50 responders
      (taught by instructor-trainees)
    • Afternoon: Up to 50 responders
      (taught by instructor-trainees)

  • TOTAL Trained: 125
    • Up to 10 Instructors
    • 115 responders


ASIMBasic utilizes Counterstriketm to put our curriculum into action. Counterstriketm is our revolutionary tabletop training tool that is simple to learn, easy to use and readily portable. It uses uniquely crafted, accurate scale, collapsible environment boards to provide a global view by all training participants.

C3 Pathways ASIM Basic


ASIMBasic is offered in a 2 day train-the-trainer format in which we give your instructors everything they’ll need to run their own class successfully. This includes training, two Counterstriketm Kits, instructor and participant guides, and ASIMBasic powerpoint presentation.

Train-the-Trainer 2-day
Instructors Trained 10
Students 115
Counterstrike Kit
PowerPoint files
Price per Student $144
C3 Pathways Counterstrike

Tabletop Training tool Counterstrike tm created by C3 Pathways.

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