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Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM) Intermediate is a 2-day mid-level course offering proficiency in the ASIM Checklist integrated response process with seven hands-on scenario exercises (using the multi-responder NIMSPro™ 3D Simulation System). The course is appropriate for all ranks and provides hands-on incident management experience to achieve an integrated and effective response to Active Shooter Events.

The course addresses:

  • The ASIM Checklist process
  • Staging
  • Tactical & Contact Teams
  • Casualty Collection Points
  • Triage & Rescue Task Forces (RTF)
  • Transport & Ambulance Exchange Points
  • Dispatch
  • Victim Evacuation
  • Intelligence and Reunification
  • Introduction to Complex Coordinated Attacks (CCAs)

Functional exercises include:

  • Single & mobile shooter scenarios
  • Moderate casualty numbers
  • Complex Coordinated Attack (CCA)


ASIMIntermediate utilizes NIMSProtm for hands-on scenario training. NIMSProtm is our professional grade 3D multi-responder simulation system that places everyone in the middle of the action! Dispatchers utilize a fully integrated CAD system to direct responders who work to neutralize threats, triage casualties, implement warm zone EMS care, treat and transport patients, establish perimeters, move and manage victims, and much more — all within to-scale photo realistic 3D environments of selected real world locations!

C3 Pathways ASIM Intermediate
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