A Validated Active Shooter Checklist.

Police | Fire | EMS worry about being fast enough to stop an active shooter and rescue wounded before they bleed to death. The Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist is a process that helps them be faster, work as one team, and save every life that can be saved.

Current Version: Rev 3.0 7/2019

The validated Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist focuses on speed. The faster the threat is neutralized and bleeding wounded are rescued, the more lives are saved.

What we found is managing an Active Shooter response isn’t just about getting the bad guy – you must also manage the clock. It turns out a lot of things can cost time and slow a response. The sequence you do things, who communicates with whom, delineation of tasks, and delegated decision-making all matter. Mismanage these things, and the response will be slow.

The Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist addresses the following:

  • Sequences key items to save time
  • Identifies key communication paths
  • Clearly distinguishes tasks and roles
  • Pinpoints needed delegated decision-making
  • Integrates the response across disciplines

The Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist has been validated for design, content, format, and usability. The Checklist is subjected to ongoing testing and improvement. Feedback from everyone is evaluated for implementation in future versions.

The C3 Pathways Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist is in use by hundreds of Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS agencies across the United States. The Checklist is used in all C3 Pathways training classes, select DHS NTED certified courses, and other national active shooter curricula.

C3 Pathways grants FREE copyright usage permission to responders. Please visit our Copyright Clearance page for more information and to obtain your free usage permission.

Download the Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist and Help Guide to get started today!

What's New in Checklist v3.0 for Active Shooter Incident Management

C3 Pathways released version 3 of the Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist (ASIM Checklist) on July 30, 2019. Join us for a quick discussion covering the changes and reasons for the changes, as well as some other tips!

ASIM Checklist Explainer / Demo Video

The video pairs radio traffic from an Active Shooter training scenario (from an ASIM Advanced class) with animation of the Checklist showing the progression of the Checklist steps during the incident.


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