Request DHS Funded Delivery

Request DHS Funded Delivery

Hosting a DHS Funded Course Delivery

DHS Funded Course Deliveries provide free training to emergency responders, paid for by DHS FEMA. You agree to provide a facility that meets requirements and fill the class with appropriate attendees. All form fields are required. Questions? Contact Us.

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A State TPOC (Training Point of Contact) is the person under the SAA (State Administrative Agency, e.g. homeland security, emergency management, etc.) who is primarily responsible for training deliveries and grant funding. You can find your TPOC at this Website

Facility Requirements

Justification for grant funded training

Delivery of this course is funded by DHS FEMA to provide free training to emergency responders. Through the NDPC, TEEX NERRTC provides a subaward to ALERRT with a subaward to C3 Pathways (the course developer and owner) to deliver the course.

Please note there are annual funding limits and your request may be wait-listed. State TPOC approval is required. Completing a Hosting Request does not guarantee a delivery. Please see below for ASIM Hosting Requirements.

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