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Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM) Basic is a 4-hour introductory course demonstrating the ASIM Checklist integrated response process to law enforcement, fire, and EMS responders. Instructors introduce key concepts of integration and engage responders in three (3) hands-on functional exercise scenarios, enabling response practice while improving comprehension and retention.

The course addresses:

  • The ASIM Checklist process
  • Staging
  • Tactical & Contact Teams
  • Casualty Collection Points
  • Triage & Rescue Task Forces (RTF)
  • Transport & Ambulance Exchange Points

ASIM Basic Focuses on our 3 Level Priority System.


Stop the Active Threat

The first goal of any active shooter incident is to stop the active threat so EMS can get in safely.


Rescue the Injured

Stopping the shooter doesn't stop the dying; now the goal is to rescue the injured and administer life-saving care.


Clear for Additional Threats

Once patients have been transported to the Ambulance Exchange Point, Law Enforcement is able to clear the area.

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