Take the First Step to True Collaborative Training

With our distinct 3D, photo-realistic first-person campus environment where every participant is fully engaged and captivated.
With our NCIER Campus, we provide a realistic training platform for our resident courses.

Interactive Collaborative Training is Achievable

Why accept the established norm in online training, when you can
move into the astonishing virtual collaborative training world?

Using VR in training results in a retention rate of up to 80 percent one year after training, compared to 20 percent just one week after traditional training. Comprehension and crucial understanding are not compromised through VR training because VR maintains that visual learning environment.

The NCIER Campus

The NCIER Campus is built to resemble an actual training campus you would attend in person. Welcoming you when you log in is its majestic lobby with large windows viewing over the Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. The main hallway guides into the large auditorium with tiered risers focused towards the main video screen on the stage area. Surrounded by break out rooms, enjoy use of our Emergency Operations Center, 9-1-1 Communications Room, Command Rooms, Staging Rooms, and Large Map Rooms.

NCIER campus allows for spatialaudio, providing an arena for either group or individual conversations. A seven-channel radio system is available for use in the scenarios, as well as an integrated Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System to dispatch responding units, recieve 9-1-1 calls, and log incident actions and times.

White boards allow for notes and actions to be documented by commanders and participants, oversized maps in the floor replicate real-world locations, and poker style chips provide for multiple response vehicles, personnel, and victims/survivors during scenario play.

What Participants are Saying about the NCIERCampustm

*Comments written by students in their course evaluation

  • I was at first skeptical of the online training and how it would work. I will say that I was extremely surprised, in a really good way, that the platform, NCIER Campus, really is an excellent way to host a class and allows for an interactive and controlled environment much the same as an actual lecture hall and break out rooms. The instructors did a really great job in engaging the students, giving breadcrumbs where needed, and letting students run when no prodding was recquired. I observed a frustrated student get pulled back into the training by an instructor who was able to overcome the student's frustration with just his words and reassurance that as the class went on it would make more sense and jell together. Sgt. with Mokena Police Department
  • This course was amazing, and all the instructors were beyond informative and helpful. Dispatcher with Lewis University Police Department
  • The virtual platform was outstandin. I have taken several virtual courses, and this was the best I have taken. Lt. with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department
  • I felt the online format was very interesting - almost as good as being there. Battalion Chief - EMS with Baltimore City Fire Department

Experience the New Form of Online Training

NCIER Campus is not your typical online training environment. You are not just a face in the crowd, rather a photo-realistic avatar with the ability to move around and interact with the various tools, technologies, and other participants.

The Bottom Line

Virtual Reality is not just a trendy technology; it's a way of improving training.

C3 Pathways is known as a leader in developing and distributing training in the 3D virtual world and has been doing so since 2004. With this experience, you can now incorporate the NCIER Campus into your training requirements and bring a new perspective to your participants.

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