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C3 Pathways Counterstrike

A revolutionary tabletop training tool.

Active shooter events are occurring at an increasing frequency across the country. To effectively respond to these events, it is imperative that first responder agencies work and train together to develop an integrated response model in order to first stop the killing and then stop the dying. Traditional integrated first responder scenario training, while effective can be manpower and time intensive, logistically problematic and expensive, especially in repetition.

Enter the Counterstriketm Professional training system.

Participants learn and practice the following positions, functions, and scenarios:

C3 Pathways Counterstrike

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LE units 40 80
FD/EMS units 20 40
Victims/Casualties 75 150
Command Vests 10 24
Boards 1 2
Carrying Box
Price $995 $1,895

Stop the Killing. Stop the Dying.®

Counterstriketm is a revolutionary tabletop training tool that is simple to learn, easy to use and readily portable. Counterstriketm utilizes uniquely crafted, accurate scale, collapsible environment boards which provide a global view by all training participants. The system includes staging and command boards to develop those critical functions and poker-style resource chips that represent equipment, vehicles and various response personnel. Sets of dice simulate random chance and the unpredictability of not only the suspects’ movements, but also casualties incurred and the deployment and arrival of responding resources.

Simple, portable, expandable, adaptable and customizable, the Counterstriketm Training system is the answer to your training needs.


Counterstriketm is very easy to learn and simple to use. Learn the basics and all ranks and disciplines from Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS agencies can be trained at the same time. Everyone from the first responder on scene to Incident Commanders and everyone in between will benefit.


Counterstriketm is easily adaptable to train for any type of emergency incident such as structure fires, HAZMAT events and even tactical situations. Government agencies, hospitals systems, school campuses and private business to name just a few will enjoy the training benefits.


Counterstriketm is easily portable allowing enhanced tabletop training to be administered frequently, in any location in short durations of time. Just fold up the environment and staging boards, grab the small case of resource chips and conduct training wherever and whenever you need.


Counterstriketm can be utilized to train for scenarios from the basic up to complex coordinated attacks with multiple shooters attacking in multiple locations. The complexity and therefore the difficulty of any imagined scenario can be increased or decreased in real time.

C3 Pathways Counterstrike


Select from a variety of location types pictured on the environment boards, or have boards customized to display specific locations in your response area such as a mall, school campus, or hospital. Resource chips can also be customized to reflect local assets. Contact us at 877-340-4032 for a quote.

C3 Pathways Counterstrike

Tabletop Training tool Counterstrike tm created by C3 Pathways.

® Stop the Killing, Stop the Dying is a registered trademark of Texas State University and is used with permission.


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