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Keep Your School Safe
with our unique, hands-on violent event
incident management training

We train school personnel side-by-side with police, fire, and EMS to work
faster as one team and save every life that can be saved.

Crisis Isn’t A Choice.
Response Is.

In partnership with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s programs for crisis response and post-crisis reunification are used in more than 30,000 schools, districts, agencies and organizations around the world. We partner with The "I Love U Guys" Foundation to combine their research-based best practices — created by school administrators, psychologists, public space safety experts and families — with our decades of first-hand experience as first responders. Together, with their team, we’ve created a life-saving curriculum to provide a hands-on training approach to School Safety and Violent Event Incident Management, better known as the SSAVEIM Program.

I Love U Guys Foundation


of public schools reported they had a plan for procedures to be performed in the event of an incident. But many of these schools have never practiced the plan, had it reviewed by local authorities and haven't consulted with local fire, EMS and police.

Time is your biggest enemy
when it comes to saving lives.

Every minute wasted potentially means more loss of children’s lives, more bloodshed, more rounds fired and more chaos. Is your school prepared with a safety and violent event incident management plan?

In the event of a school crisis or emergency, the most important response is a reliable reunification of students with their parent/guardian. A successful plan and implementation will also require partnerships with all responding agencies participating in an emergency response.


An active attack can happen at any time, and when that happens at school, everyone should be prepared with a violent event incident management plan to handle them safely and effectively. It’s important that all personnel including administrators, staff, and especially teachers are aware of the Standard Response Protocol® and Standard Reunification Method®


Violent event incidents are unpredictable and evolve quickly — that’s why it's important to have a safe and sound plan on paper to be prepared. The more prepared you are, the better chance you have of minimizing impact and saving lives. A key element to practicing a safe and sound plan is to ensure it is reviewed by local law enforcement who can help your personnel stay ready for real scenarios.

Protect Our Children, Protect Our Schools.

We provide hands-on training for schools and public safety responders to help them prepare for school safety and violent event incident management — and in return, they can then prepare others. Our unique SSAVEIM Program utilizes educational materials from The “I Love U Guys Foundation” and our direct techniques to teach instructors via a Train-the-Trainer model. Ultimately, this prepares instructor trainees to train others for response to an active attack in order to secure students, identify the threat, provide medical intervention and reunify students with parents.

  • Experience hands-on, in-person training
  • Prepare your school through education
  • Learn from instructors with decades of real world experience in school safety and violent event incident management
  • Take advantage of a unique program focused on graduating “trainers”
C3 Pathways, Inc.

Train side-by-side with YOUR local
emergency responders

We show school personnel, police, fire, and EMS how to work as one team and save every life that can be saved.

In our program, school personnel will train side-by-side with their local fire, EMS and law enforcement. This validated and integrated management process reduces emergency responders’ time to neutralize the threat, medically intervene to promote survivability, conduct emotional appropriate searches and interviews and assist with parent reunifications.

C3 Pathways, Inc.
C3 Pathways, Inc.
C3 Pathways, Inc.
C3 Pathways, Inc.

Do your local emergency responders know your school safety and violent incident management plan?

Schools We Train

We offer training programs to all schools and grades, from pre-k to college.

  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Magnet Schools
  • Special Education Schools
  • Boarding Schools

We Train You So You Can Train Your School

In our unique train-the-trainer formatted course, our certified instructors give your trainees hands-on experience in testing and developing multiple response roles involving school personnel and local police, fire and EMS agencies.

Train 60 Students:

  • 15 Law Enforcement
  • 10 Fire & EMS
  • 30 School Personnel
  • 2 Emergency Managers
  • 3 PIOs

6 Participants will be identified as Instructor Trainees who can train others after they’ve completed the SSAVEIM Program:

  • 2 Law Enforcement
  • 2 Fire & EMS
  • 2 School Officials

Learn from Our Real-world Experience

Our trainers are active and retired emergency responders from the police, military,
EMS and fire departments.

All of our scenarios are designed from real-world locations, and can be tailored to
local areas specific to your city.

As a first responder who has been on the scene at multiple active violence events, I cannot stress enough how important it is to not only have a plan and to be prepared, but to work with your local first responders. At C3, the first responders train side-by-side with personnel. I know from experience that when we all work together, we work faster and more efficiently, giving us the best opportunity to save as many lives as possible. -Robert, First Responder at the Douglas County STEM Incident

Is your school’s plan ready for real life?

What is the SSAVEIM Program?

School Safety and Violent Incident Event Management (SSAVIEM) is a 2-day, 16-hour course designed to improve incident management and response integration of school personnel and emergency responders to violent events in schools. The course provides a model framework for use by school personnel, law enforcement, fire, and EMS to improve time to threat neutralization, medical intervention, survivability of victims, and reunification of students with parents.

Professional Training System

Our All-Inclusive Training Will Give Your Trainers Access to:

  • The Full Curriculum
  • Hands-on Training Techniques
  • Presentation Materials
  • Access to the Student Portal
  • Forms, Tests & Checklists
  • Printable Certificates

Prepare for Crisis with the Counterstrike™ Professional Training System

As part of the SSAVEIM Program, your personnel will gain access to a revolutionary tabletop training tool that utilizes uniquely crafted, accurate scale, collapsible environment boards which provide a global view by all training participants. The system includes staging and command boards to develop those critical functions and poker-style resource chips that represent school staff, students, equipment, vehicles and various response personnel.

Professional Training System


per person per day

Total $19,788

Minimum of 60 participants

You Can’t Put a Price on Safety

Our courses provide a high-quality alternative to traditional scenarios — without all the planning and at a fraction of the cost.

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