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Saving lives. It's the Why behind everything we do.
We are a company of active and retired emergency responders
helping today's First Responders get better.


Every minute potentially means more loss. A seamless integrated response from police, fire, and EMS is not just expected -- it's demanded. We can help you get there.


First Responders must practice. We are experts in training exercises and validation exercises. We are the industry leader in enabling responders to actually practice impossible-to-do scenarios.


Excellence requires evolution. Our methods are based on research, testing, and validation. Question the status quo. When what-you-know-to-be-true isn't true any more, change. We can help.

Active Shooter Integrated Response

Finding the
Perfect Training

Our Active Shooter Incident Management Courses deliver critical knowledge, teach a validated response process, and lock-in performance through practice!

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Our Tools

Innovators in both live and simulation training, C3 Pathways delivers the real-world instruction and hands-on exercises to professionally and collaboratively master the handling of a crisis.

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The C3 Edge

Traditional first responder scenario training, while effective, can be manpower and time intensive, logistically problematic, and expensive — especially in repetition. This is where C3 Pathways comes in. With our state of the art 3D simulation and exercise tools, we provide high quality hands-on training without the issues of traditional scenario training.

Hands-On Training

Our 3D simulations and exercises allow us to offer real hands-on training without the physical impact of real-life scenarios.

Realistic Scenarios

All of our scenarios are designed from real-world locations, and can be custom tailored to local areas specific to your city.

Save Time & Money

Our courses provide a high quality alternative to traditional scenarios — without all the planning and at a fraction of the cost.

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We offer the best in Active Shooter Incident Management courses