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Keep Your School Safe
with our unique, hands-on violent event
incident management training

Training designed to unite school personnel with first responders to build
a faster team and save every life that can be saved.

Gain Experience Protecting your Students from Violent Events

The goal is simple — decrease the time to neutralize the threat, get injured to a hospital, and reunite students with their families.

This course provides you with the experience and confidence to respond to a violent event, regardless of your daily responsibilities.

Time is your biggest enemy when it comes to saving lives. Every second wasted potentially leads to more children’s lives lost, more rounds fired, more lasting effects, and more chaos. Thankfully, there are three easy steps to prepare your school for this: plan, prepare, and practice.

We can help you get there.


of public schools reported they had a plan for procedures to be performed in the event of an incident. But many of these schools have never practiced the plan, had it reviewed by local authorities and haven't consulted with local fire, EMS and police.

School Personnel
School Personnel
From part-time teacher to administration, you will experience and understand the full range of violent events and responses. Participants will gain familiarity with the importance of quick responses in these situations as well as the process of reunification. You will learn to work side-by-side with your community’s emergency responders.
Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
From patrol officer to the Chief, you will experience the full range of law enforcement assignments. Participants will rotate through Contact Teams, Rescue Task Forces, Tactical Group Supervisor, Staging Manager, Perimeter Group Supervisor, Law Enforcement Branch, Intelligence Section Chief, Incident Command, and Area Command. You will work side-by-side with fire/EMS and school personnell to quickly respond to violent events.
Fire and EMS
Fire and EMS
From EMT to the Chief, you will experience the full range of medical assignments. Participants will rotate through Rescue Task Forces, Triage Group Supervisor, Transport Group Supervisor, Staging Manager, Medical Branch, Incident Command, and Area Command. You will work side-by-side with law enforcement and school personnel to quickly respond to violent events.
You will experience using CAD, radios, and phones to manage 911 calls, radio traffic, note taking, and benchmarks for law enforcement and fire/EMS during active shooter incidents.
Public Information Officer
Public Information Officer
You will experience the confusion and chaotic speed of gathering information in an unfolding active shooter incident. Working in the Command Post, you will collect information, develop a press release approved by the Incident Commander, and deliver a live press conference alongside the Incident Commander.
Emergency Manager
Emergency Manager
You will experience the confusion and chaotic speed of an active shooter incident serving as Emergency Management at the Command Post and Area Command. As the immediate crisis is brought under control, you will demonstrate the value of emergency management by helping the Incident Commander solve short and long-term challenges.

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Crisis Isn’t A Choice.
Response Is.

In partnership with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation

The “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s programs for crisis response and post-crisis reunification are used in more than 30,000 schools, districts, agencies and organizations around the world. We partner with The "I Love U Guys" Foundation to combine their research-based best practices — created by school administrators, psychologists, public space safety experts and families — with our decades of first-hand experience as first responders. Together, with their team, we’ve created a life-saving curriculum to provide a hands-on training approach to School Safety and Violent Event Incident Management, better known as the SSAVEIM Program.

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