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  • 5.0
    Law Enforcement


    Jul 26, 2016
  • Self assessment of skill Before and After Course
  1. The course content supported the learning objectives.
  2. The course materials and learning aids effectively conveyed the course content.
  3. The time allocated to accomplish the course objectives was appropriate. (If too long or too short, please explain in other comments or suggestions write-in.)
  4. The course contained useful activities to practice and reinforce the learning objectives.
  5. The instructors were prepared for the class.
  6. The instructors demonstrated thorough knowledge of the course content.
  7. The instructors were able to answer questions clearly and understandably.
  8. The instructors conducted the training in a skilled and competent manner.
  9. The instructors encouraged student participation.
  10. The instructors fostered a positive and stimulating learning environment.
  11. The instructors used instructional time effectively.
  12. The instructors covered all the course learning objectives.
  13. The course provided the knowledge and skills I need to accomplish the job for which I am receiving this training.
  14. Based on the training received, I am fully capable of applying the skills I learned from this course.
  15. The practical exercises enhanced learning of course content. (Respond only if course included practical exercises.)
  16. The course content was appropriate for someone within my professional field.
  17. The course content was appropriate for someone with my level of experience.
  18. Overall, the course content met my needs and expectations.
  19. Overall, the instructors' performance met my needs and expectations.
  20. Overall, the course increased my knowledge, skills and abilities.
  21. I would recommend this course to my peers.

Which part(s) of the course was MOST valuable to you. Please explain why.

Practical exercises. Gave a snap shot of how communication between disciplines can make or break an incident.

Which part(s) of the course was LEAST valuable to you? Please explain why.


Please provide any other comments or suggestions you have for improving this course.

Having the communication officers involved in the training gave realism to the exercises.

What other training is most important to you now that you have completed this course?

More training on managing mulitple incidents at the same time.

*Unedited comments (including typos and spelling) written by students in their course evaluation


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