FAQ Glossary

Inner Perimeter
[Active Shooter] A perimeter containing the Warm and Hot Zones.
Loading Zone
[Active Shooter] A large open area where all casualties from an incident are assembled, organized, and loaded into awaiting ambulances that then transport to directed hospitals. Typically used when casualties outnumber available transport ambulances.
Mobile Command
[Active Shooter] The Incident Commander is performing command functions in addition to other critical duties, such as a first arriving officer moving to contact a shooter. Another responder should assume Command (and establish a stable Command) as soon as practical. Mobile Command is sometimes referred to as a “working command.”
Move-to-Contact Team
[Active Shooter] A team of law enforcement officers formed-up tactically to rapidly move toward the shooting and neutralize the threat.
[Active Shooter] See Move-to-Contact Team
Outer Perimeter
[Active Shooter] A perimeter containing the Cold Zone and stopping at the Inner Perimeter.
Rescue Task Force
[Active Shooter] (RTF) A mixed discipline ad-hoc unit with a security element, a medical element, and a team leader who operate in the Warm Zone to triage patients, provide Indirect Threat Care, and coordinate casualty evacuation to an Ambulance Exchange Point. The unit is typically comprised of two (2) law enforcement officers and two (2) EMS personnel, however staffing may vary based on incident need and local policy. Typically one law enforcement officer serves on point and the other rear guard, escorting the EMS personnel and providing security.
[Active Shooter] See Rescue Task Force
Warm Zone
[Active Shooter] An area inside of the Inner Perimeter where security measures are in place.