EP 66: Overcoming Obstacles Part 2

Episode 66

Feb 5, 2024

Duration: 35:07

Episode Summary

Change is hard. Today’s episode continues the discussion of how to overcome the obstacles we set as reasons not to adapt to change. We look at standard responses on why things “won’t work” and give you options to overcome them.

Episode Notes

Jill McElwee joins Bill Godfrey, Pete Kelting and Don Tuten in part two of the discussion on how and why to adapt to change. We’ll address some of the common reasons given as to why we can’t change including:

  • That’s not the way we do it around here.
  • We can’t get the other neighboring agencies to make the transition and do this as well.
  • Everyone is on different radios (interoperability).
  • Our fire department doesn’t transport, so there’s no reason to make entry.
  • We don’t believe in RTFs, so we (law enforcement) are just doing to do it ourselves.
  • It’ll never happen here. It’s policy.


Watch this episode on YouTube at https://youtube.com/live/TVAbDHcLPgM


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