Ep 63: Chasing Ghost Calls

Episode 63

Jan 15, 2024

Duration: 36:57

Episode Summary

911 Ghost calls in Active Shooter Events (aka Echo calls) are common and challenging. Listen to this episode to learn tips and tricks to manage 911 calls that can leave you chasing your tail.

Episode Notes

Today we touch upon some common occurrences in Active Shooter Events where follow-on 911 calls report additional shooters in differently locations but in reality are not accurate. These calls -- though well intended -- often result in duplicate work, wasted resources, or over-response to a new location. Active Shooter Events have one shooter 97% of the time, but our training teaches the "plus one" theory that we should always expect another bad guy. If you don't manage it, you will spend valuable time and resources chasing ghosts.


Watch this episode on YouTube at https://youtube.com/live/NbApXhCQhVo


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