Ep 62: A Teenager's Perspective on Active Shooter Events

Episode 62

Dec 18, 2023

Duration: 27:35

Episode Summary

Today, we hear what high school students think about Active Shooter Events. Meet Ryan, a 16 year-old sophomore who gives us his no-holds-barred take on how he and his friends think and feel on this topic. Do NOT miss this episode!

Episode Notes

This episode gives us unique insight to the minds of high school students on the topic of Active Shooter Events, what they think about preparedness and procedures schools follow, and discussion of surprisingly insightful tactical thoughts. 

Ryan also shares a very up close and personal experience with an incident that happened to him at his school. It was a surprising revelation in the discussion as he did not mention it during pre-interview. Importantly, he shares the raw emotional reaction he and some of his friends experienced.

Do NOT miss this episode! 

P.S. This episode is safe for kids. Nothing gory. Just an unvarnished discussion with a 16 year-old high school sophomore about a difficult topic. If you're a parent, we encourage you to sit and watch it with your teenager.

Watch this episode on YouTube at https://youtube.com/live/_fGScoFWaCE


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