Ep 61: Tactical or Command?

Episode 61

Dec 4, 2023

Duration: 27:45

Episode Summary

Today's topic is a law enforcement listener question. Ironically, the question hits on something we changed in the ASIM Checklist a number of years ago after observing there was a better way to do it. Tactical or Command?

Episode Notes

A law enforcement listener asks:

"Could you guys do a podcast about the naming of positions, particularly tactical? Our fire department has a big issue with the radio ID of tactical being used instead of the radio ID of command for that position until the cold zone command post is stood up and that title is transferred to the incident commander. I get why, but cannot seem to get the point across. They say it is not ICS compliant to use tactical radio ID. Please help." 

Well, we can certainly help with that! (Psst... it is completely ICS compliant, we have proof)

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