Ep 57: The Key to Success in Active Shooter Response

Episode 57

Oct 30, 2023

Duration: 39:49

Episode Summary

How long does it take us to get the injured off the scene to a hospital? That's our gold standard. The one key to success: we've got to be able to work together. We've got to get people assigned to the task we need done, where we need it done, and when we need it done. How to do that is today's topic!

Episode Notes

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Podcast Host Bill Godfrey is joined by Mark Rhame, Adam Pendley, and Don Tuten to discuss "The Key to Success" in an active shooter event. Their answer may surprise many, but it centers around making sure every responder arriving at the scene has a task and purpose. Whether you're resource rich or resource poor, it's crucial that responders are assigned to the task you need done, where you need it done, and when you need it done.


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