Ep 56: Learning From Battlefield Trauma

Episode 56

Oct 23, 2023

Duration: 39:50

Episode Summary

Today, our discussion centers around the invaluable medical insights gleaned from battlefield experiences and how we can adapt these lessons to enhance survival rates in active shooter scenarios.

Episode Notes

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Bill Godfrey, Jill McElwee, and Ron Otterbacher discuss valuable medical insights from battlefield experiences which can be applied to active shooter scenarios. The trio takes a deep dive with easy to understand explanations about the value of using the military’s BATH assessment technique and the mechanics of tension pneumothorax, how it can kill, how you can fix it, and how to know the difference.

Whether you’re a responder with little medical training or a paramedic, you don’t want to miss this discussion! Knowing these things and the differences between them can help you save lives!


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