Exercise Design, Control, and Evaluation.

C3 Pathways crafts and administers dynamic scenario-based emergency exercises that involve just one client or sometimes up to dozens of agencies. Each is established to be compliant with the requirements of the Homeland Security Emergency Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

C3 delivers strong consultative support in creating scalable and robust exercises that challenge all types of responders to meet established objectives. Each exercise builds the skills of professional readiness as the C3 team coaches and mentors its participants to success.

Exercises include tabletop run-throughs, functional, and full-scale events. Each is designed to meet key local objectives and available budget parameters. C3 is especially known for its abilities to blend live action and computer gaming simulations for a rich, realistic, and collaborative preparedness experience.

Simulations where applied allow preparedness exercises to remain functionally realistic, yet with zero to minimal impacts to regular daily operations. This saves money and allows greater organizational participation. Another benefit is privacy, as simulations can allow exercises to take place at remote locations away from public or media view.

Whether it is a free-standing emergency drill or a multi-modal preparedness program developed over several years, C3 Pathways provides the kind of mentoring and support responders need. C3 readies the responder as an individual, and their agency as a team.

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