C3 Releases Active Shooter Checklist

Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist

A Validated Active Shooter Event Checklist

C3 Pathways is pleased to announce the public release of it’s validated Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist for use in managing an integrated law enforcement and fire/EMS response to an Active Shooter Event.

“This Checklist has been months in research and development, and it is the result of hundreds of man hours of effort by many people,”

says Bill Godfrey, Chief Consultant and President of C3 Pathways.

“More importantly is the effort to validate the Checklist. We didn’t simply want to offer another expert opinion based on assumptions. We wanted something designed with care, tested, and proven to work.”

Bill Godfrey

C3 Pathways is publishing the Checklist to the emergency response community for use with out cost — it’s free! Says Godfrey, “This is important work that only does good if we put into the hands of responders, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” C3 Pathways will continue to maintain the Checklist and release updates as needed.