Why the terminology change from “Contact Group” to “Tactical Group?”

The terminology change from “Contact Group” to use “Tactical Group” instead was based on user feedback to improve radio communication. Previously, radio calls required the full use of the assignment name, e.g. “”Contact Team 1 to Contact Group.” Confusion of who was calling whom was observed when multiple Contact Teams were deployed. The terminology change allows the same radio call to be shortened and improve clarity, e.g. “Contact 1 to Tactical.”

Another small but important change was shifting the clearance of the Rescue Task Force(s) into the Inner Perimeter from Law Enforcement Branch to the Tactical Group supervisor. It was observed that the decision to allow entry of the Rescue Task Force(s) was being delegated to the Tactical Group supervisor (formerly Contact Group supervisor) by Law Enforcement Branch in most cases. Having the Rescue Task Force(s) communicate through the LE Branch (or Command) just delayed the deployment. This change also aligns with the IACP policy recommendations for Active Shooter Incidents.