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C3 Updates Active Shooter Checklist to Version 2.0

Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist 

Rev 2.0 02/20/2018

C3 Pathways is pleased to announce the public release of Revision 2.0 2/2018 of its validated Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist for use in managing an integrated law enforcement and fire/EMS response to an Active Shooter Event. This update incorporates the addition of PIO/JIC and numerous changes based on emerging best practices and lessons learned. Accompany the updated Checklist is a full update of the Checklist Help Guide to Revision 2.0. Accompany the updated Checklist is a full update of the Checklist Help Guide to Revision 2.0.

Checklist Revision 2.0

START HERE primary checklist
- LE “5th Man” sub checklist: Changed item Get situational awareness to Request additional resources
- Second LE Supervisor sub checklist: Added item Assign LEAD PIO to establish JOINT INFORMATION CENTER
- First FD/EMS Supervisor sub checklist: Changed item Check in at Command Post to Go to COMMAND POST; deleted item Get briefing (verbal)
Law Enforcement primary checklist
- LAW ENFORCEMENT BRANCH sub checklist: deleted Support RESCUE TASK FORCE
- TACTICAL GROUP sub checklist: Added item Prioritize 1Threat, 2Rescue, 3Clear; Changed items Update Hot Zone and Inner Perimeter to Update Hot and Warm Zones, Report areas suitable for rescue efforts to Update casualty information to Triage Group
- CONTACT TEAM sub checklist: Changed item Suppress threat to Contain or neutralize threat
- INTELLIGENCE SECTION sub checklist: Changed item Synthesize and disseminate information to Brief COMMAND, added item Coordinate with Communications Center
Fire/EMS Primary Checklist
- MEDICAL BRANCH sub checklist: Changed item Declare MCI level to Request additional resources; moved item Co-locate with LAW ENFORCEMENT BRANCH after Assign TRANSPORT GROUP; deleted item Separate radio channel
- TRIAGE GROUP sub checklist: Changed item Establish RESCUE TASK FORCE to Stand-up RESCUE TASK FORCE and moved after Get Briefing (verbal); deleted If possible from Co-locate with TACTICAL GROUP; added item Deploy RESCUE TASK FORCES
- RESCUE TASK FORCE sub checklist: Changed items Get briefing (verbal) to Assemble team and equipment, Coordinate casualty evacuation to Ambulance Exchange Point(s) to Coordinate casualty evacuation; deleted items Gather equipment, Get permission to enter Inner Perimeter from TACTICAL GROUP; added items Notify TACTICAL when deploying, If not done, establish Casualty Collection Point(s), Identify Ambulance Exchange Point and confirm with TACTICAL;
- TRANSPORT GROUP sub checklist: Added items Co-locate with Tactical Group, Transport casualties from Ambulance Exchange Point(s); added item Separate radio channel; deleted items If Casualty Collection Point(s), consider how to evacuate, Establish Ambulance Exchange Point(s), If needed, establish Loading Zone;
Other changes
- Changed Intelligence/Investigations primary checklist to a sub checklist and moved under Law Enforcement primary checklist
- Staging sub checklist: Deleted Separate radio channel; changed Keep list of resources to Check-in and list resources
- Added Joint Information Center box to org chart
- Updated address and Copyright years

Help Guide Revision 2.0

- Updated to Checklist rev 2.0
- Added, updated content to match Checklist rev 2.0 changes
- Added definition of Complex Coordinated Attack (CCA)
- Typographical, formatting and editorial corrections

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Last update: 2018-09-25 23:13
Author: Bill Godfrey

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