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C3 Updates Active Shooter Checklist to Version 1.3

Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist 

Rev 1.3 10/15/2015

C3 Pathways is pleased to announce the public release of Revision 1.3 10/2015 of its validated Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist for use in managing an integrated law enforcement and fire/EMS response to an Active Shooter Event. This update incorporates changes based on emerging best practices and lessons learned. Accompany the updated Checklist is a full update of the Checklist Help Guide to Revision 1.3.

Checklist Revision 1.3

- Intelligence/Investigations sub checklist: Added Reunification Group and Separate radio channel checklist items
- LE 2nd-4th arriving sub checklist: Changed Form-up to Link-up, Move-to Contact Team to Contact Team
- Improvised Explosive Device (IED) sub checklist: Changed Moving-to-Contact to Contact
- Added Reunification Group box to org chart
- Changed † Target staffing footnote EMS to Medical

Help Guide Revision 1.3

- Updated to Checklist rev 1.3
- Added explanation to RTF Ambulance Exchange Point checklist item, Consider Reunification Group checklist item
- Updated and changed Abbreviations, Glossary of Terms, and Reference List
- Added, updated content to match Checklist rev 1.3 changes
- Typographical, formatting and editorial correction

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More information: http://www.c3pathways.com/asc/

Last update: 2015-10-15 21:54
Author: Bill Godfrey

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