How do I get technical support for NIMSPro3?

FREE support for NIMSPro3 is available 24x7 through the support Knowledgebase If you do not find an answer to your question, you may ask a question by clicking the "Add question" link located in the header (top) of the Knowledgebase. There is NO service or response time guarantee, but C3 technial support personnel do review and update questions pretty regularly. Note for security purposes you may be required to create a Knowledgebase account in order to add a question.

C3 Pathways provides NIMSPro3 phone and email support ONLY to customers with a current, paid support agreement. When you email (or phone) support, please include (or have available) your organization name or paid support contract number.

If your organization wishes to establish a support agreement, please contact Sales at or call 407-490-1300.

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