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Supervisors learn key elements

  • All discipline approach to NIMS
  • 7 common Unified Objectives
  • Communicate using the 3 C's
  • Maintaining accountability
  • Applying ICS to all hazards
  • Live real-time scenarios
  • Hands-on practice
  • Using agency's local area


"This kind of innovative command training can be the difference between chaos and order at a major incident. It is truly needed to get everyone working together safely and smoothly."

– Sheriff Kevin Beary (Ret.)

Unified Command Training
Interagency multi-discipline scenario training for today’s public safety professionals.

Plane Crash MCIIt’s about working together effectively. C3 Pathways brings home functional training and exercises that teach and apply the National Incident Management System (NIMS). Managing crisis and emergency situations requires specific planning, training, teamwork, and practice. Knowing what to expect, who you will be dealing with, and how to interact will make a huge difference when a dramatic event interrupts business as usual.  C3 delivers this training to full time public safety professionals, but also adapts and applies the NIMS functions for private sector first responders. The training goes to ensure all responding groups can work well together in a major emergency .  

Who’s in charge anyway? Creating a Unified Command structure at a simple or complex incident summons professional disciplines and aptitudes that are advanced in the training programs offered by C3.  Each training program is shaped around local requirements and to build on the existing skills of all attendees. Decon TriageParticipants get to apply hands-on skills working through live scenarios within the training structure. The C3 team are seasoned public safety professionals and are skilled as educators as well. Putting egos aside, following protocols, or deferring leadership to another agency are all examples of skills C3 works to coach to success within scenario-based training. C3 Pathways shows in real time just how effective a Unified Command can be in mitigating and controlling an incident.

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