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Professional training that teaches experience you hope you'll never need.


Interagency multi-discipline training for today’s public safety professionals.


Train crashEmergency responders learn by doing. They become experts by practicing. Blending live action and simulation in real-time, we create a learning environment for responders to practice critical skills they rarely use.

C3 Pathways provides the highest quality training using the industry's best instructors. Areas of training include:


Exercise Design, Control, and Evaluation

C3 Pathways provides the full range of exercise services from table top through full-scale. C3 also offers options from supporting your team through providing turnkey exercise design, control, and evaluation. All hazards and all disciplines, our expert consultants craft thoughtful exercise plans precisely targeted to the desired exercise objectives. We can create exercises for training personnel, testing readiness, or even validating policies and procedures. C3 is skilled at creating hybrid exercises that blend real-world elements with simulated elements to produce incredibly realistic functional and full-scale exercises. Our hybrid approach reducies the need for participants to a small fraction of traditional exercises, saving you resources and money!

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) has continued its development and is now a required component for most DHS and Federal preparedness grants. If you accept Federal DHS grant dollars, you probably have a requirement to conduct an exercise at some point during the life of the grant -- and that exercise must be HSEEP compliant. FutureFD consultants have the necessary HSEEP training and certifications as well as the practical experience in designing and executing HSEEP compliant exercises. We can make the HSEEP exercise process both painless AND helpful.

Yes, we can design HSEEP compliant functional and full-scale exercises using our hybrid approach, greatly reducing the number of needed participants.


Curriculum Development

C3 Pathways can assist you in curriculum and program development from off-the-shelf C3 courses to custom developed and highly tailored programs.


Simulation Design

C3 Pathways pioneered some of the most ground-breaking training simulations public safety has ever seen. We proudly continue to push the limits of computers and simulation training to produce the most staggeringly effective results without slipping into multi-million dollar solutions only affordable to the military.

Emergency responders learn by doing. They become experts by practicing. Blending live action and simulation in real-time, we create a learning environment for responders to practice critical skills they rarely use.


Multiplayer Simulator at Your Site

Public safety departments want the training but sometimes simply cannot afford the cost or the time to implement their own simulator system. If this describes you, C3 has your solution. We offer a completely portable multi-player emergency response simulator using the world-class NIMSproª system that can be shipped to your location for one week or several weeks depending on your departments' needs. We can even arrange to have C3 Pathways expert instructors come in for a few days to conduct instructor training and leave the simulator behind for your department's continued training. The portable simulator lab includes server, instructor tablet, laptops, and all necessary networking gear with easy to follow setup instructions backed by C3’s expert support.



C3 Pathways conducts and participates in important research efforts for the public sector and private industry funded by both public and private grants and research endowments.



Consulting services are the foundation of C3 Pathways. While offering a full range of consulting services, we specialize in training and technology solutions for public safety and homeland security. C3 has produced some of the industry's most cutting edge solutions in the areas of application development, simulation training systems, and e-Learning.


Software Development

One of C3 Pathways’s core capabilities is software and database development. Put simply, we are not limited by what solutions may be available. We create solutions. C3 has developed and consulted on countless software and database applications, and is a registered software and book publishing company.

Database and Application Development

C3 Pathways is uniquely positioned in homeland security and public safety because we are experts in emergency response AND technology. We speak both languages. It’s not necessary to translate the needs of a law enforcement officer or firefighter into something a programmer understands. Our consultants are experts in both domains, giving C3 the ability to conceive and implement hardware and software solutions no one thought possible.



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