NIMSPro3(tm) screenshots from University of North Florida Active Assailant Training

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NIMSPro3 3D Simulation System

A 3D Evolution in Disaster and Incident Management SIMULATION

Continuing the proud legacy, NIMSPro3 3D includes all of the functionality of the original NIMSPro system while adding an incredible array of features -- now in a fully immersive 3D multiplayer environment! Like many of the top-selling first person video games of today, players walk around inside a photo-realistic 3D environment. But it's not just any 3D environment in some generic town -- C3 Pathways recreates your local environment so your responders are training locally!

What is NIMSPro3

NIMSPro3 is a 3D game engine simulating a first person point-of-view walking around in a photo-realistic real-world location. Real-world locations? Yes, C3 Pathways recreates real-world locations to scale in 3D. These 3D scale models of real-world locations enable a player using NIMSPro3 to literally walk around and through a real-world location - including inside buildings!

But NIMSPro3 is so much more. NIMSPro3 is a multiplayer simulation system, which means multiple players can join a simulation and see each other inside the 3D simulation. Players can interact with each other, the environment, objects, victims, vehicles, aircraft, boats and ships, complex systems, equipment, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and BAD GUYS! Yes, players can engage and shoot bad guys -- but be warned the bad guys can and do shoot back, with very real consequences.

How is NIMSPro3 Used

NIMSPro3 3D is a professional-grade simulator used by instructors to train emergency responders from all disciplines in response, mitigation, and recovery from emergency incidents of significance. This includes natural disaster simulation and man-made disaster simulation, such as terrorism and terrorist attack simulation, active assailant simulation, mass casualty incident simulation, fire simulation, hazardous materials simulation, transportation accident simulation, mass transit simulation, and more.

C3 Pathways Instructors use our trademark Coach-to-Success teaching method and the NIMSPro3 3D simulator hand-in-hand to insure a positive learning experience and achieve performance improvement in responders. C3 Instructors create emergency scenarios for responders to manage real-time. This process repeats itself multiple times in a day, with each scenario being different, enabling responders to practice, learn, and get better.

Watch this 3-minute video explaining the C3 Pathways training process.

Why do I need NIMSPro3

In most cases, C3 Pathways Instructors will bring NIMSPro3 to you as part of a training or exercise delivery.

C3 Pathways sometimes licenses NIMSPro3 simulation technology to clients to continue or enhance their training mission. We are always happy to discuss your training needs and objectives. Our team of expert Instructors and Consultants will give you candid feedback on whether licensing NIMSPro3 technology for your site may be a good fit.

C3 Pathways has been using simulation to support training since 2004. We developed NIMSPro3 because C3 Instructors needed better tools to conduct training and exercises. The real issue is not about simulation software -- it's about training. Great simulation software by itself has little value until you put it in the hands of great instructors.

C3 Pathways is a training and exercise provider. C3 is a software developer too, but only out of the necessity to create tools C3 Instructors needed to do their job better. C3 Pathways' business is not selling simulators. It is providing transformational training and exercises that help responders get better. C3 uses simulation to help accomplish that mission.

Where do I get NIMSPro3

NIMSPro3 is typically provided on-site at your location as part of a training or exercise delivery. C3 Pathways maintains a portable lab of NIMSPro3 computers and servers. With the portable lab, C3 Instructors can convert nearly any medium to large size classroom into a simulation training center. NIMSPro3 can also be run on client provided computer equipment meeting specificaitons.

It's important to understand that C3 Pathways customizes NIMSPro3 simulation builds for each client and their specific needs. The NIMSPro3 simulation technology is a common base, but each environment and simulation build is unique.

C3 Pathways uses a consultative sales process with NIMSPro3. The process begins with understanding the problem the client is trying to address, developing training objectives, identifying the audience, and understanding any budget limitations. With the project scope identified, C3's expert Instructors and NIMSPro3 developers begin identifying incident types and scenarios to meet the requirements. C3 and the client discuss the scenarios and identify the location(s) to be recreated in 3D simulation. C3 Pathways then submits a project scope and pricing to the client.

After a project receives approval, production begins on building the 3D environment. C3 usually conducts a site visit to the location(s) being modeled to understand the space and may take measurements, sketch drawings, and record imagery. Scale drawings are provided by the client for building interiors. Production time for a 3D build is typically about 2-3 weeks, but it can be shorter or longer depending on the size of the 3D space and number of building interiors being modeled. Features or functions requiring creation or modificaiton by the NIMSPro3 Development team may also add to production time, though often this work is done in parallel with 3D modeling.

The cost is often about the same or less than a typical Exericse. Because there is such a wide range of options when developing a project scope, C3 Pathways can very often scope a project to meet the requirements within the limits of a client's existing training or exercise budget. And if it can't be done, C3 will say so right up front.

Compare Real-Life Digital Photos with In-Game Screenshots

Chicago's Metra Commuter Train - Pingree Station, Crystal Lake, IL
(from a NIMSPro3 train derailment Mass Casualty Incident scenario)


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