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"It's not about computers.

It's about training people!"

NIMSpro™ is Open Source software.

It's FREE!

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It's not a game...
Multi-player Emergency Incident Simulator

FutureFD was the original developer and C3 Pathways is proud to be the ongoing corporate sponsor of NIMSpro™, the most incredible Open Source software ever created for public safety and homeland security.

NIMSpro™ is a multi-player simulator for emergency responder and homeland security training. Using instructor controlled simulations, NIMSpro™ enables firefighters, police, EMS, etc. to practice and train on incident command, decision making, communication, and tactics.

Emergency response is not a game, and neither is NIMSpro™. Responders need a way to practice and apply what they've been taught in a classroom. NIMSpro™ is a software tool that enables emergency responders to practice and gain real experience just as they would from responding to a real emergency.

NIMSpro™ is not about computers. It's about training people! If you want to gain experience, you have to train in the same group setting you would on a real emergency -- with the same problems and the same stress! Say hello to sweating in an air conditioned room...

  • NIMSpro™ Feature Summary
  • Multi-player simulator
  • Participants move themselves around/through the scene
  • Instructors control simulation severity and variables
  • Comes with pre-built fire simulations
  • Create your own simulations
  • Participants can join exercises from different physical locations
  • Can be used via the Internet or on a local network
  • See the Screenshots Gallery

Learn more about NIMSpro™ at their web site www.nimspro.org!


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