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MCI Training

Targetable. Measurable. Repeatable. Manageable. No fatigue.

From the scene to the hospital all the way through discharge, C3 Pathways' Mass Casualty Incident simulation system can fully exercise your system end to end -- without hundreds of participantes or staff fatigue!

And when you're ready, we can design, conduct, and evaluate an HSEEP compliant  full-scale MCI exercise at your location.

Mass Casualty Incident Training

Plane Crash MCIArguably one of the most difficult and least trained incident types, Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI) can overwhelm even the most experience responders. Our MCI solution takes the pain out of training. No patient volunteers. No moulage. No endless number of ambulances, equipment, and personnel. And no service disruption!

Targetable. Measurable. Repeatable. Manageable. No fatigue.

Our simulation training requires responders to use their brains, make decisions, and take action without the physical fatigue associated with moving real patients. It's tough to learn when you're physically exhausted. Hands-on MCI training and exercises can be conducted in classrooms under safe and controlled conditions. Most importantly, multiple exercises can be conducted and critiqued in the same day. SWAT Team

Responders are presented with realistic emergency scenarios using our sophisticated simulation system. Every action is recorded and measured. MCI simulations use real-life patient data from victims of similar traumatic incidents. Motor vehicle accidents, train crashes, plane crashes, shootings, chemical exposure, poisoning, radiation exposure... you name it, we've got it.

With over one million patients to choose from for your MCI, our patient database includes detailed injury, assessment, vitals, treatment, admission, and length of stay information. We can measure responder triage performance times, over-triage and under-triage error rates, transportation destination errors, and much, much more. And we can measure responder performance improvement occurring with training and practice.

Metra MCI Exercise And for hospitals, some real action beyond the emergency room. Destination hospitals can use diagnosis, procedure, and treatment information to simulate patients all the way through their system -- emergency room, admission, operating room, ventilator needs, intensive care, discharge, etc. Length of stay and procedure data enable hospitals to practice and exercise their surge and census management plans for the days and even weeks following the arrival of MCI exercise patients. We can even provide ICD9 data for hospitals to calculate cost and charges related to patients from an MCI exercise!

MCI training and exercises can use existing simulations, or custom simulations to meet the needs of a specific locale, agency, or facility can be developed. Do you have a target hazard or high risk scenario in mind? Our simulation developers are the best in the business combining decades of emergency response experience with interactive simulation development. Give us a call and tell us your challenge.

Call us toll free (877) 340-4032 or email us at info@c3pathways.com to learn how we can help you!


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