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Communication Interoperability

Unified CommandToday’s highly connected modern professionals still sometimes struggle to communicate.

Public safety agencies and businesses each face challenges in aligning today’s technologies and protocol for smooth communication in a crisis or major emergency. Interoperability has been a powerful objective in post -9/11 emergency planning, but it is not just about hardware and common frequencies. Some organizations now have very advanced telephone, radio and mobile data systems, but their front line personnel don’t know the broad capabilities locked within that hardware and software.  C3 Pathways offers both technical expertise and practical operations guidance to ensure true interoperability. The C3 approach goes to the technology but then beyond it to practical protocols and the human element.  Seasoned consultants from C3 advise on responsible redundancy and multiple pathways of communication should primary systems fail.  Mission focused training programs and scenario-based exercises get everyone on the same channel, both literally and figuratively. From the boardroom, to the 9-1-1 center, to the EOC, or from a mobile field command post…C3 Pathways gets the message across.

Reaching us is easy too. Call (877) 340-4032 or e-mail us at info@C3pathways.com for more information.


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