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More than a Tabletop

With real action beyond the emergency room, C3 Pathways engages your management team in realistic, real-time training where they think on their feet, make decisions, and take action without needing staff typical of full-scale exercises. From the ER to admission to discharge, our training exercises your whole system end-to-end.


Tornado, explosion, terrorism, building collapse, fire in the hospital…

50+ patients are at the ER doors – some seriously injured – and the numbers are increasing by the minute.

Are you ready?

Hospital Disaster and Surge Capacity
Hospital-focused disaster training for today’s health care professionals.

Triage in ER parking lot

Suddenly the high profile incident is in your area, on your watch. The public, the media, and those in harm’s way have high expectations for a seamless response, prompt action, and accessible healthcare. Expanding quickly to meet increased demand for medical care in the event of terrorism or other large-scale public health emergency is expected. When it’s over, make sure the story is about how the hospital and staff were prepared and trained.

That’s where we come in.

C3 Pathways -- an innovator in both live and simulation training -- delivers the real-world instruction and hands-on exercises to master a crisis professionally and collaboratively.

Targetable. Measurable. Repeatable. Manageable. And without service interruption!

Disaster Medical Assistance TeamWith real action beyond the emergency room, C3 can engage your management team in realistic, real-time scenarios where they think on their feet, make decisions, and take action without needing staff typical of full-scale exercises. Through hands-on practice, your staff will benefit from a positive reinforcement coaching environment where our instructors share tips and tricks for improving performance, managing escalating and large incidents, working together, and communicating effectively.

C3’s sophisticated simulation system uses real-life patient data from victims of all kinds of traumatic incidents. With over one million patients to choose from, our patient database includes detailed injury, assessment, vitals, treatment, admission, and length of stay information.

Hospitals can use diagnosis, procedure, and treatment information to simulate patients all the way through their system -- emergency room, admission, operating room, ventilator needs, intensive care, discharge, etc. Length of stay and procedure data enables hospitals to practice and exercise surge and census management plans for days and even weeks following the surge. We can even provide ICD9 data for hospitals to calculate cost and charges related to patients from an exercise!Hundreds of hospital beds at convention center

It’s a lot to think about. What’s the acuity of the disaster patients? How long will it take to re-evaluate all in-patients and step down or discharge to make room? How fast can bed management, transport, and environmental services implement step down and discharge decisions to ready rooms? How many temporary headwalls can you stand up? How many patients can be placed in the hallways and overflow areas? And what are the staffing needs to safely care for and track patients? Where are the choke points in your throughput?

We can help your staff answer all these questions and more. Call us toll free (877) 340-4032 or email us at info@c3pathways.com to learn how we can help you!



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