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Airport Emergencies

Emergency responders learn by doing. They become experts by practicing. Blending live action and simulation in real-time, we create a learning environment for responders to practice critical skills they rarely use.

Airport and Aircraft Emergencies

International Airport, 10:23 a.m. -- A fully loaded Airbus A319 struck the terminal at a fast taxi speed. The terminal has structural damage. Numerous victims are reported in the gate area and on the plane. The aircraft engines are still running and producing thrust. Engine 1 is indicating a fire. Both pilots are unresponsive. The cause of the crash is unknown.

How will you respond? Was the cause equipment failure, human error, or terrorism? Does the cause affect your response? Who thinks they're in charge and who is really in charge?

C3 Pathways can help your personnel learn how to work through these issues and more using your local policies and procedures! Our staff of law enforcement, fire, EMS, communication, aviation, and emergency management experts will not impose some outside way of doing things, but rather will adapt our training and scenarios to your location and needs. Yes, we can customize our training to your specific airport, runways, and buildings, or even the community surrounding your aiport!

Plane Crash

The professional trainers from C3 are all either active or former field practioners with vast experience both as trainers and incident commanders of large and diverse incidents. Through hands-on practice, your staff will benefit from a positive reinforcement coaching environment where our instructors share tips and tricks for improving performance, managing escalating and large incidents, working together, and communicating with other agencies and displines. Yes, we actually get law enforcement and fire in the same room communicating with each other and working together!

Let our instructors help you unlock the potential in your staff. Call us toll free (877) 340-4032 or email us at info@c3pathways.com to learn how we can help you!


  • Airport emergencies
  • Aircraft emergencies
  • Incident Command
  • Unified Command
  • Communication
  • ICS roles
  • Staging management
  • Much more


  • Managing escalating and large incidents
  • Working together
  • Communicating with other agencies and disciplines

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